The Avant-Garde in Print 2: El Lissitzky

The Avant-Garde in Print 2: El Lissitzky


Cover of Veshch-Gegenstand-Objet
Page from Pro Dva Kvadrata (Of Two Squares)
Announcement for 1923 Berlin Exhibition
2 photo-collage illustrations from Shest Provesti o Legkikh Kontsakh (Six Stories with Easy Endings)
Wendingen cover
Twopages from DLia Golosa (Forthe Voice)
Cover for Merz 8/9
Cover for Kunstismus (aka Kunstismen)
Cover for Arkhitektura Vkhutemas
Cover for Russland (Neues Bauen in der Welt, Vol. 1)

AGP Matthews, 1981

英語 | 33x31cm


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