All-American IV Otherworldly | Bruce Weber

All-American IV Otherworldly | Bruce Weber

All-American IV Otherworldly | ブルース・ウェーバー

ブルース・ウェーバーと、長年の彼の盟友ナン・ブッシュ(Nan Bush)プロデュースによる作品集All-American第4号。毎号、様々な分野でアメリカのヴィジョンを体現するアメリカ人数人をチョイスし、ブルース・ウェーバーによるクールなタッチで写真が展開されてゆく。Little Bearはブルース・ウェーバー自らの出版社。ソフトカバー。状態良好。

It contains two projects by Bruce Weber: a photographic profile of the wrestler Kyle Maynard and a chapter devoted to the professional bear trainer Ruth LaBarge, as well as the photography of Howard Bingham, paintings and prints by the California artist Millard Sheets, selected writings by the late Washington Star columnist Mary McGrory, poems by Donald Justice, paintings by Bill Traylor and photographs by Charles Shannon, and photographs by Horace Bristol. Also included are chapters devoted to the war veterinarian Captain William Putney and the early film career of John Derek.

Little Bear, 2004

初版限定4000部 | 31x24cm | 140pp.

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