Earths Grow Thick | Roni Horn

Earths Grow Thick | Roni Horn

Earths Grow Thick | ロニ・ホーン


Key and Cues, 1994
Untitled (Gun), 1994
How Dickinson Stayed Home, 1992-1993
When Dickinson Shut Her Eyes, 1993

betweeen us: traces of love – Dickinson, Horn, Hooks | Bell Hooks
1990: L.A.,”The Gold Field” | Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Matrices/Intersections | Judith Hoos Fox
Among Essential Furnishings | Roni Horn
Similar Things in Different Forms | Amada Cruz
Places between Words | Sarah J.Rogers
Afterword: Presenting a Gift of Presence | Sherri Geldin

Wexner Center for the Arts,

英語 | 26x21cm | 101pp.

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