More Real Than Reality | W. Eugene Smith
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More Real Than Reality | W. Eugene Smith

More Real Than Reality | W・ユージン・スミス

LIFE誌に掲載されたフォトルポルタージュを始め、W.Eugene Smithの全仕事を通覧できるレトロスペクティブ。論考も多数。

Prologue: Spanish Village 1950
W.Eugene Smith The Artist and The Archive by Britt Salvesen
The Creative Obsession Between Virtue and Curse by Enrica Vigano
Photo Essays:
Country Doctor 1948
A Nurse Midwife 1951
A Man of Mercy 1954
Pittsburgh 1955
Minamata 1971-1973
Epilogue: Walk to a Paradise Garden by W.Eugene Smith

Alberto Anaut, 2011

英語 | 33x27cm | 237pp. | b&w

¥ 22,000 (税込)

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