Barbara Crane Photographs 1948-1980

Barbara Crane Photographs 1948-1980

バーバラ・クレーン写真集 1948-1980

Chicago Institute of Design出身のアメリカの写真家Barbara Craneの多様な写真作品をまとめたもの。1981年Chicago Center for Contemporary Photographyでの展示に際し刊行。

Imagination, Phototechnics, and Chance: The Work of Barbara Crane by Estelle Jussim
Early Work
Human Forms, 1964-1969
Neon, 1969
Repeats, 1974-1979
Whole Roll, 1968-1978
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, 1971
Combines, 1974-1975
Murals: Baxter/Travenol Labs, Deerfield, Illinois, 1975
Petites Choses, 1974-1975
Peoples of the North Portal, 1970-1971
Architecture: Chicago Commission on Historic and Architectural Landmarks, 1972-1979
Chicago Loops, 1976-1978
Chicago Beaches and Parks, 1972-1978
Commuter Discourses, 1978
Polaroid Polacolor 2, 1979-1980
Recollections by Paul Vanderbilt

Chicago Center for Creative Photography / University of Arizona, 1981

英語 | 23x24cm | 124pp

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