Garry Winogrand (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

Garry Winogrand (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

Edited by Leo Rubinfien

Winograndと生前親交の深かったLeo Rubinfienによる編纂。


  • Introduction – Leo Rubinfien, Erin O’Toole, Sarah Greenough
  • Garry Winogrand’s Rupublic – Leo Rubinfien
  • Plates with short essays by Leo Rubinfien and Erin O’Toole
    Down from the Bronx
    A Student of America
    Boom and Bust
  • The Mystery of the Visible: Garry Winogrand and Postwar American Photography – Sarah Greenough
  • In the City – Tod Papageorge
  • Considering Winogrand Now – Sandra S. Phillips
  • How Much Freedom Can You Stand? Garry Winogrand and the Problem of Posthumous Editing – Erin O’Toole

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2013

英語 | 30x26cm | 463pp. | b&w

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